Another day, another dollar..

Up an at ’em for another day. Seems like time is just flying by a day at a time.

Went down to Habitat for Humanity storage facility and got our families engraved stone that was mounted outside of the RAC center. Anyone know why they removed them? I thought when I paid for it and donated to the drive it would be permanant!

Lots to do, lots to work out before our wedding! Looking for ideas on how to color sand. The amount that we need is more than I want to pay for the actual colors in stores and we would like to DIY. Any ideas would be appreciated…

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  1. I can’t believe they just removed our stone? wow…permanent placement was kind of the point of the donation. huh. Anyway, I know nothing about sand but I’ll ask around…see what I can come up with. Love you and miss you mama!

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