Sitting at a coffee shop…

It’s Monday afternoon and we are observing the Wisconsin River from the famous Blue Spoon Creamery Cafe for some good personal time and excellent coffee.

Something about being at a coffee shop makes me feel more intellectual and very reflective.  Seated upstairs of the Creamery, on the river side window deck, sun shinning down on us, river flowing smoothly and elevator music in the background, sets the perfect mood for another blog on JillCards, LLC.

It’s been 2-weeks since the wedding, and even though there’s definitely more time and less deadlines, I find myself with not enough time in a day.  I love summers because of the later sunsets and unlimited time constraints.  I’m almost finished with our Thank-You cards, so they will be out in the mail soon.

Father’s day is June 20th this year, and I’m in desperate need to get HIS day listed on the website.  I know it’s getting late for all you purchasers, but the cards will be listed by the end of this week, for sure. 

I keep telling myself that this first year on the www is the hardest, because each Holiday and Occasion, are the first.  When I start going into the second year, it should not be nearly as laboring.  However; regardless of laboring or not, I am having the time of my life with this endeavor!

I am having a good time re-connecting with old friends and making new acquaintances.  I am loving the feedback and have implemented some suggestions received.  I was pondering over adding a DIY page to the JillCards, LLC website regarding projects and information. 

Please give me more; dig deep into yourself, ask other, find the courage, and post a question/idea/topic/notion/thought/impression.  Please offer additional suggestions on what you, my fans,  LIKE and DISLIKE; what topics you would like to see covered, and any new ideas you may have. 

I’ll be waiting for the flood of comments I receive…..


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