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08/30/2010 Daily Thought

It’s very important for one to clean up one’s own back yard before cleaning up someone else’s!

08/29/2010 Daily Thought

Have you ever stopped the contemplate what makes Heaven “heavenly?” For me, heaven on earth would be a world without hate or anger, where everyone lived by the “Golden Rule” and stepped up to being a “Good Samaritan.

08/28/2010 Daily Thought

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.- Thomas Jefferson

08/27/2010 Daily Thought

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility. -Eleanor Roosevelt-

08/22/2010 Daily Thought

Life can only be understood by looking backward, but it must be lived by looking forward! -Dick Innes-

08/21/2010 Daily Thought

What we are in control of is what’s inside us. We can’t change someone else’s mind, but we can change our own in an instant.

We can’t make someone love us, but we can always choose to be loving.

Instead of attempting to control things outside ourselves, we can turn our attention to the bigger game, the Game of Love.

– John-Roger with Paul Kay

08/14/2010 Daily Thought

Your freedom lies in making your own choices.

You do not have to accept someone else’s vision of you. You do not even have to dislike them. If they dislike you, that is their negativity to deal with as they choose. You will be further ahead to leave their judgments for them to handle. You don’t have to look to anyone else for approval. Go inside for the only approval that’s true.

Once you discover your own approval, with integrity and no illusions, you will then know what freedom is. And no one can take that away.

– John-Roge

08/11/10 Daily Thought

If the information works for you, use it. If it does not work for you, have the wit to let it go, bearing in mind that this may change over time. What is working today may not work tomorrow, and, conversely, what does not work today may work for you tomorrow.

So we strive to remain open to each new experience.

– John-Roger

(From: Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, p. 7

08/10/2010 Daily Thought

You can have a life filled with awe at any age. You can awake each morning, potentially inspired, centered, with a sense that many options and opportunities stretch before you. Awe is a power unto itself, and by its very nature transforms us. The best part is it is free, natural and continually available. All you need is the willingness to awaken to awe, and to do so by trying a new approach to life.

By Kirk J. Schneider, Ph.D.

08/09/2010 Daily Thought

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