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I am in looking for guest books to purchase

I am in looking for guest books to purchase for weddings, which have the following:
~lines (to sign) on the right side
~blank on left side (to scrap)
I found one about 5 years ago on eBay, created it and gave it, but didn’t get the specifics on it, to reorder. I have brides out there that would like us to create again, but I am having trouble finding what I need.
Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

Just a reminder: Don’t throw out your old cards…

Just a reminder: Don’t throw out your old cards.

We will take all you old cards off your hands. JillCards, LLC recycles all your cards into beautiful recreations! Get in touch with us to arrange pickup, drop off, mailings…

They are talking about me at

Everyone should check out this page…

Everyone should check out this page, and prepare to be inspired! or

Are we missing any of YOUR Holidays or Special Occasions?

There are so many special events or dates in our lives. Some of these dates mean something only to us and possibly our special someone, or so we many think. Using myself as an example, the anniversary of my last drink – my “AA Anniversary/Birthday” as it’s commonly referred to is an annual event that I celebrate. This is not just a date that I celebrate, my family, kids and my AA sponsor all know how much this day means to me.

Can I go into your local “Big Name” greeting card store and find a specific card commemorating this day? Nope – now I can go in and get a Happy Birthday, Anniversary or an Encouragement card but not one that shows just how special this day is to me. I watched an episode of ABC’s Modern Family the other day and learned how Gloria likes to celebrate everything from her relationship with Jay. From what I understand men have trouble remembering their wedding anniversary can you imagine having to remember the date of your first kiss, first date or the exact day you found out you were pregnant? I suppose if I sat down with a calendar or reviewed an old journal I might be able to come up with those dates but off the top of my head the closest I can get is the month in which these happened.

So here’s what I’m looking for – what days or events do you celebrate that are special to you or someone you care about that you’ve always wished there were specific greeting cards designed to help you celebrate? How can JillCards customize a card for you for your special days or events? Let us help with that – as I’ve learned in life there are so many things in which I believe I’m unique and in actuality, there are many who have those same feelings, thoughts or special events.

Help us figure out what those are…..Thanks and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Check out this great blog…

Check out this great blog…it’s directly in line with my recycled cards and “Send again” concept.

This looks so simple, but yet elegant…

This looks so simple, but yet elegant…

Women Entrepreneurs Ideas, Women Invento

Women Entrepreneurs Ideas, Women Inventors –
Explore the stop place for American Women Inventors. Shop women invented, unique gifts, kid and baby products and much more.

JillCards, LLC • Time to order your Mother’s Day Cards…

JillCards, LLC • Time to order your Mother’s Day Cards…. REVIEW


I just received my free “I Believe in Angels…” postcard. All I can say is wow! You’re doing a great job and I cannot wait to purchase more cards from you. What a creative and fun idea for sending cards! Keep up the great work


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