10 Ways to Keep your Digital Photos Organized

10 Ways to Keep your Digital Photos Organized – Techlicious

Check out these tips – they make a lot of sense and I wish I could say I process my photos in exactly this way – every time I import, but I don’t. Like life – I’m going to take what I can use and put the rest on the shelf – maybe someday I’ll need it.

Setting the correct date/time on the camera is a total pet peeve of mine, if you don’t know how to do it – read the directions, follow the steps and if you still don’t get it – ask for help. Because we use our photos for the Send again cards by JillCards, LLC we don’t like to put the date on the photos, but it’s stored in the camera’s memory so that when you import the photos, depending upon your photo processing software – it will at a minimum organize the photos by the date(s) taken.

Delete the photos that literally aren’t worth the space they occupy – do it right away. Upon close inspection after the photos are imported, if it doesn’t work for what you need – delete the photos; face it, not every photo you take is going to turn out – that’s the magic of digital photography – we can delete it now instead of shake our head when the prints were developed (come on those of you 35+ years old remember that feeling of disappointment!).

Facial tags – People tags, call it what you want but I think they basically do the same thing, organize your photos by subject (just like the title says). This is a feature I’ve just started using but already see the benefits. It may take a few moments to put the labels in place but it’ll be worth it when you go looking through your endless digital thumbnails. You’ll thank yourself when you can quickly see an automated file of who you’ve taken pictures of and just how to find them.

For the rest of the tips – check out the full article, link below – want to see some of my favorites check them out here!



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