Pressing Flowers and Leaves

Pressing Flowers and Leaves
Ever wonder how those “crafty” people get flowers dried and use them to decorate? I can’t honestly say I was craving the answer to that question but Jill was so I thought I’d go out and research it. I found a good site with some fairly simple directions – but better yet and even easier to understand video. I must say I got a lot more out of the video. So I get excited and want to try to see if I can do it. Great time of the year, at least in WI – there’s not a lot of flowers to pick from (this morning temperature was 22 degrees F). Good news folks – I have a flowering tree – don’t ask me the name of it (my Mom knows so I suppose I could call and ask her), anyway so I pulled one of the flowers off of it and proceeded to separate the large petals from the stem. I now have them resting under those God foresaken phonebooks that we still get (yeah, why exactly do they still print those doorstops?) Anyway – I’m trying it per the instructions in the video – stay tuned to see if it works for me but in the meantime – feel free to try it yourself. Good Luck (and if you are as crafty as I am – you’re going to need it! )
Read the step by step instructions and watch the video right here:


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