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  1. I went to look for an image for the quote, “Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.” and I came across your page, clicked, and saw this chapel. I knew it. I had to click and look closer. It is the Chapel in the Woods in Waupaca, WI at the Red Mill on the Crystal River. I have used several pictures of it during the different seasons for my screen and FB page. It is one of my favorite spots on this earth. I have been going since birth, and I was actually married there in 98. That didn’t last. I still go and visit, and it still remains one of the best places on earth. I am happy to have stumbled across your image of it.

    • So glad you recognized it! We travel quite a bit on our motorcycles, looking for great “out of the way” scenery, and we came across this a couple of years ago. Thanx for the comment! It always means allot to us when we post pics that are recognizable to others….

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