Where has Snail Mail gone?

I remember when I was young (younger), if a letter was delivered from the mail man, I felt as if I’d won the lottery.  Granted, it was really the only form of communicating (other than the rotary dial phone with long distance charges) with my cousins who lived in a different state. I grew up on a “hobby” farm, and we didn’t have too much contact with the outside world, in the summer months.  We always kept ourselves entertained, and we never were at loss for new adventures.  Sometimes we would ride our bicycles to our little town 8 miles away, but that took a lot of effort (16 miles round trip) on an 80+ degree summer day.

I felt very special getting an envelope in the mail box that had just my name on it.  I used to keep all my letters, and re-read them over & over again.  It’s like it was another life, fantasy, world that I could escape into when ever I wanted, or needed to.  I couldn’t wait to write back and let the sender know all about what was going on in my world; but mostly I couldn’t wait to respond because I knew then I would probably be getting another letter soon after.

In today’s society, with the hustle & bustle of kids, jobs, careers, entertainment and of course the cyber world, it is far & few between that I receive a letter in the mail box.  I’m at fault as well, as it is much easier and faster to send an IM or e-mail everyone; but I most certainly do miss that ecstatic feeling I get when an envelope shows up in my mail box addressed just to me, and it’s NOT a bill!

I’m hoping that if you are one of my followers that read this post to the end; you will take some time out and reflect on the important things in your life.  Even if it’s just for a brief moment, just do it. Remember that life passes by very quickly, and it takes but just a moment to address an envelope & send a card with your letter.  You don’t know when that card/letter will be the highlight of someone’s day!



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