These vines will be achockablock…

As grape season will be soon approaching, these vines will be chockablock. Good things come from these vines, at Wollersheim Winery (
If you get the chance, you really should pay them a visit. The Winery grounds have allot beauty as well as history, and will be well worth your time!

chockablock \ CHOK-uh-BLOK \
1. Extremely full; crowded; jammed.
2. Nautical. Having the blocks drawn close together, as when the tackle is hauled to the utmost.
1. In a crowded manner: books piled chockablock on the narrow shelf.

Origin: Chockablock is of uncertain origin. It is likely related to the word chock-full which means “crammed”. The word chock refers to a wooden block that holds something in place.

Photography by: Dee Dee Sorg @JillCards


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