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Happy Birthday, Son…

Not the oldest, not the youngest; but somewhere in between.
A middle child can sometimes be lost amid life’s daily routine.
You never got to be the first at any new stage;
Nor the last to treasure a final special age.
“Time for bed, you little ones”, always included you.
But “older children, clean the dishes”, meant middle children too!

I want to say I am proud of you, you have made my life a treat!
For without the middle child, a family would not be complete.
You are the precious balance between growing up and youth.
You teach us about compromise and seeking the truth.
At times it is hard to let you go, to cut the apron strings.
But whatever tomorrow brings you will face each new challenge.
I want you to know your place in my heart
Is steady and true & will never cease to grow!

Happy Birthday Coleman! (@colemanbreunig)
Hope you had a wonderful 28th birthday, today!!

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