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Graduation Cards


Father’s Day

New “Father’s Day” Cards.  Check out all our cards at

May is “Women Rider Month”…

Come on girls, lets get riding! Wha Hoo!

I’m so lucky….

Look what I got today.  It’s such a great feeling to get flowers for no reason whatsoever……

JillCards, LLC • Time to order your Mother’s Day Cards…

JillCards, LLC • Time to order your Mother’s Day Cards….


08/10/2010 Daily Thought

You can have a life filled with awe at any age. You can awake each morning, potentially inspired, centered, with a sense that many options and opportunities stretch before you. Awe is a power unto itself, and by its very nature transforms us. The best part is it is free, natural and continually available. All you need is the willingness to awaken to awe, and to do so by trying a new approach to life.

By Kirk J. Schneider, Ph.D.

08/09/2010 Daily Thought

08/08/2010 Daily Quote

Not one Soul is going to be lost. In fact, there aren’t any lost Souls. The Soul always knows where it is. It just doesn’t care.

The Soul knows it is going to outlast your body, it knows it’s going to outlast the thoughts you’ve been having, it knows it’s going to go beyond the imagination, and your feelings have betrayed you for so long that it pays little attention to them. So why shouldn’t it be happy in these lower worlds?

Our misidentification causes us to go into the quandary of the mind to second-guess. And yet the Soul says, “I’m here, I’m present. I’m not over there. I’m here, I’m present. This is the moment.”

– John-Roger
(From: The Tao of Spirit, p. 139)

Only a Dad can love a face like this…

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