Jill Sorg, Partner

I have always been a creative person. Growing up in a family of 7 kids and one working parent, I was taught by my mother, creative ways to “make due”. My hobbies include everything from knitting & crocheting, to wood working & metal etching.
But my greatest passion has proven to be scrap-booking. Everybody seems to be scrap-booking these days, and I longed for a unique way to reach out & touch my loved ones & friends.
Because of the price of cards and the amount of them I was going through, I started recycling the cards I received. However, I went a couple of steps further, and added personal photos and/or embellishments, along with my “Send again” tag, furthering the recycling idea, over & over again.
What better way to send your thoughts, than with a personalized card, handmade especially for your loved one?

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