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OLD HOUSE Note Cards

Barn Note Cards

Sassy Sneaker Note Cards


New Arrival: Happy Birthday w/Gift Box

This is a gift box of (5) sunflower cards and envelopes to say a simple “Happy Birthday” to that special someone.
These are “Send again” cards so once your recipient has enjoyed them, they can say “Happy Birthday” to another someone special.
Set comes in a homemade gift box with a velcro closure to hold the cards and envelopes safely until you decide to share them.
Photography by Dee Dee Sorg (famous Public Market Center in downtown Seattle; home of the infamous Fish Market and original Starbucks!)
Cards fit in a standard household envelope no. 6 3/4

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

The world we knew, won’t come back!
The time we’ve lost, we can’t get back!
The life we had, won’t be ours again!
So don’t let the little things stop you from living

Gift Ideas…..

What a great gift idea….a “JillCards” all occasion greeting card package. visit us at, to order your’s today!

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