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My mother’s matrilineal “looks”…

In looking at an old picture of my matrilineal grandparents, it is apparent where my mother gets her looks from. I have not met my mother’s dad, because he passed before she was even married, but I can so see my mom in him!

matrilineal \ ma-truh-LIN-ee-uhl \ adjective:
1. Inheriting or determining descent through the female line.

Origin: Matrilineal was first used in the early 1900s by anthropologists. It derives from the Late Latin roots matri- meaning “mother” and lineal meaning “line.”

How to be a mensch…

Honor your father and mother, set your kids a good example, and don’t lie, cheat or steal.
All you have to do, to be a mensch, is take the steps and do the next right thing!

mensch \ mench \ noun;
1. A decent, upright, mature, and responsible person.

Origin: Mensch entered English from Yiddish in the 1950s. In Yiddish, it meant “man, human being” and had the positive associations that carried into English. It is related to the German word mensch .

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