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These vines will be achockablock…

As grape season will be soon approaching, these vines will be chockablock. Good things come from these vines, at Wollersheim Winery (
If you get the chance, you really should pay them a visit. The Winery grounds have allot beauty as well as history, and will be well worth your time!

chockablock \ CHOK-uh-BLOK \
1. Extremely full; crowded; jammed.
2. Nautical. Having the blocks drawn close together, as when the tackle is hauled to the utmost.
1. In a crowded manner: books piled chockablock on the narrow shelf.

Origin: Chockablock is of uncertain origin. It is likely related to the word chock-full which means “crammed”. The word chock refers to a wooden block that holds something in place.

Photography by: Dee Dee Sorg @JillCards

A hidden treasure right here in our own community.

We made a quick decision the other day, to hang a right.  We were coming home from a day-date (1st 3D movie, ever), when it just seems appropriate for a stroll in the vineyard.  Spring has by far, got to be the best time of year for photos because of the feelings of new beginnings and renewed freshness.

The timing was great, for some fresh pictures to add to the JillCards, LLC archives, for new creations!  When you live so close to such wonderful attractions, it’s easy to forget what’s right in your own back yard!


Whether you enjoy wine or not, it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks Wollersheim Winery (Sauk City, WI).


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