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The great divide of northern Wisconsin…

The Great Divide of Northern Wisconsin, is where the precipitations divulse to two different bodies of water in the same National Forest (Chequamegon). How in the heck does that happen?

divulse \dahy-VUHLS\, verb:
1. To tear away or apart.

Origin: Divulse comes from the Latin root vellere meaning “plucked”. The prefix di- is a variation of dis- before the letter v meaning “apart” or “away”, as in disown.

Ahhh…the irriguous fields….

Every year, at the beginning of Spring, nothing exceeds the luxuriant greens of the irriguous fields!
irriguous \ ih-RIG-yoo-uhs \ , adjective;
1. well-watered, as land.
1645–55;  < Latin irriguus,  equivalent to irrig ( āre ) to wet ( see irrigate) + -uus  deverbal adj. suffix
Hyde’s Mill in Wisconsin, 2008
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