We are a small company based in Wisconsin.  We hand make personalized cards which can be sent again to another person, after receiving it.  We use everything from already used greeting cards, calendars, magazines, your own pictures, our pictures and scrapbook materials. 

We try to recycle each card into a unique personal treasure. 

Check out our website at  www.jillcards.com and enjoy!

Cards come with a message tag, and an additional message tag, for re-sending multiple times. Tag is generally is business card size (2″ x 3.5″), and more can be created, when needed.
To ”Send again”, simply remove the message tag, and replace it with the already used message tag inside your card; then simply write your own heartfelt message.

Additional envelopes are also available on this website.

Each photo has been specially chosen for your card. We would like to thank all family and friends who have contributed their photos.
We encourage everyone to submit their own photos for an even more personal touch.

We would like to help you create your own cards,

so send us an e-mail to info@jillcards.com.


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